A Leading Manufacturer of Generic Injectable Medications


BPI Labs, LLC - a wholly owned subsidiary of Belcher Pharmaceuticals, LLC - is a leading manufacturer of generic injectable medications. Our products are of the highest quality in the industry. And we strive to provide injectable products to help alleviate supply disruption and drug shortages.

Quality is the foundation of BPI Labs. Our strong quality culture is comprised of dedicated and highly skilled & experienced professionals working in strict adherence to the cGMP regulations. Through the use of robotic technologies, our pharmaceutical manufacturing produces the highest quality sterile injectables at competitive prices.

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Robotic Automation

BPI Labs proudly adopts robotic technology and system into sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing and testing process, making our products unmatched in the generic injectable industry.

Our Commitment

Belcher Pharmaceuticals, LLC is committed to provide the highest quality pharmaceuticals and medical devices in order to satisfy the needs of its clients and the health and safety of its customers, meeting or exceeding the statutory and regulatory requirements.

This is achieved through compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices, continuous improvement culture, human talent development, strong relationship with clients and vendors, and process optimization.

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